SBC people definition: use SBC's proclamation to arm his own mind, direct his action, action follow his words, be responsible for his own action.

    1. SBC people definition: use SBC's proclamation¡ to arm his own mind, direct our action, action follow his words, be responsible for his own action. SBC adheres to the following principles:1) SBC led factory's core-competitiveness is based on our high quality and managed effectively team players SBC led screen factory 's greatest wealth is her responsible ,earnest and strong executive ability staff,SBC led display factory ¡¯s sustainable developments depend on her respect to knowledge and individuality, meanwhile sbc values the collectivism and never accommodate herself to conceited and proud staff.

    2. SBC led display factory Business code of conduct
SBC's deal in purpose is pursuing the profit to realize our worthiness. At the same time we demand all our staff keep professional ethics, must be specialized, fending to be excellent, to be responsible for our customers and our society.

    3. SBC people Working environment
SBC factory will provide the best environment for the staff, to help them achieve their potential. Provide the best environment to our staff is our unalterable directed antilogy. But at the beginning SBC led factory stay in a period of hardworking, our office environment will be sure not good at the beginning, but through our staff's hardworking, situation will be changed soon.

   4. SBC people Training
   (1) In order to make SBC as a learning type organization,we will provide a lot of training lessons for our staff, including new staff culture training, mount guard training and in allusion to the customer's training.
   (2) In order to help our new staff learn SBC company culture, our training cover with corporate culture, products knowledge, marketing technique and products development standard etc. According to different working content and the nature of work, we will have different training term from one month to three month.
   (3) SBC keen on perfecting the training plan in employment, including management and technique. According to different occupation qualification, distinction and employee sort, we will provide different training. Provide the powerful help for the staff's development in led display field.
   (4) Beside provided all kinds of training resource to help SBC staff develop. Our aim is in the next two years to set up a capability and qualification identification system, to identify our staff's technique and capability.

   5. SBC Occupation development
   SBC identification of occupation qualification is from two sides(management and technique),combine with post demand, provide the capacious vacuum for our staff's occupation growing up

   6. SBC screen factory Communication
   SBC people regards communication and intercourse, we keep in mind of "communicated. of course you can reach the other shore" 's logos, to the misapprehend of colleague, collision and dissatisfaction, we will set up many kinds of communication channel between company and staff, staff and staff