Develop Period

    Events2009 Dec. 26th: SBC: USA and Japanese company: establish Joint-venture Software Company. Nov.18th-28th: SBC digital led display factory make rectification campaign for SBC people using SBC culture.Oct.21st: made and passed SBC culture development strategy on Aug.21st: SBC led screens enter strongly LED lights and LED lighting.Mar.12th SBC Middle East branch was founded.




Dec. 28th:
the 13th "SBC People Newspaper" publishing: them: to expand the criticism and the self-criticism of work style.
Dec. 27th:
SBC has undertook the Nigerian government 2200 square meters project.
Nov. 10th:
SBC has through the "2012 years of channel to global marketing strategy".
Oct. 21st:
all the employees of SBC to participate in the enterprise culture exam by once a year.
SBC mission was born: In the LED field: to straighten the backbone of Made in China.
Sept. 8th:
12th special issue of SBC people newspaper "Today: I promise you" published.
Aug. 31st:
SBC's display presented perfectly in Uzbekistan 20th anniversary celebration ceremony: and screen's quality and efficiency got highly praised by the President.
Aug. 3rd:
the 7th anniversary of SBC establish: all staffs commitment "on time: quality and quantity assurance" customers' declaration.
July 25th:
"SBC declaration committee" was set up.
July 18th:
SBC formally received "Security Bond" from Huawei for Uzbekistan 20th founding anniversary celebration: 2500 square meters in full color curtains screen and floor screen.
July 12th:
the 11th SBC people newspaper was published.
July 8th:
SBC succussed with Uzbekistan 20th founding anniversary celebration: 2500 square meters full-color curtains screen and floor tile screen (five days ahead of delivery: SBC was into management new era).
June 8th:
SBC has passed the TUV certificate.
May 4th:
In Beijing: SBC participated in international Light Acoustics exposition and comprehensive market into the North.
Apr. 28th:
10th special issue of SBC people news "Efficiency "was published.
Mar. 1st:
SBC global focus turned to improve work efficiency.
Feb. 1st:
9th special issue of "the trust from customers is our highest honor" .was published in SBC people newspaper .
Jan. 8th:
SBC Market Philosophy was born: the trust from customers is our highest honor.




Nov. 18th:
SBC used "Stability: of course SBC!" as brand strategy slogan.
Nov. 18th:
8th special issue of SBC people newspaper" Stability: of course SBC!" was published.
Oct. 8th:
Has undertook the 16th Asian games live reports start ceremony LED display.
Oct. 11th:
SBC has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea's Samsung electronics.
Sept. 1st:
Has completed products promotion in Kingkong series: Crystal series and Skylight series.
Aug. 3rd:
SBC grand celebrated 6th anniversary of a party: mountain climbing: outreach.
Aug. 3rd:
special issue of SBC 6th anniversary was published in SBC People Newspaper.
July 15th:
special issue of World Expo was published.
July 2nd:
SBC signed first Arc screen project of 1431.8 ©Owith India Vatican.
June 25th:
organized all cadres to visit Shanghai World Expo.
May 26th:
4th ,5th issue of SBC people newspaper were published.
May 20th:
SBC participated in 19th international professional audio: light: Musical Instruments and technology exhibition in Beijing China: and also three big bills signed at live.
May 16th:
SBC Floor LED screen showed extraordinary talents in the 4th national sports meeting the opening ceremony in Hefei.
May 5th:
SBC improved quality management: and thought the product quality is the most fundamental dignity to SBC.
Apr. 19th:
unveil fresh policy"SBC talent strategy five years plan from 2011-2015".
Apr. 13th:
For respond to a nation called on: SBC launched" Low carbon ": "Energy saving" LED display.
Apr. 1st:
SBC carried out work process templates: gripped work "node" and" contact ": strengthened the standard management.
Mar. 26th:
SBC 2nd,3th special issue of the New Year's party were published.
Sept. 3rd:
SBC integral implement the work report system.
Mar. 2nd:
participated in the 6th international exhibition in Guangzhou with a huge success: signed 8 bills at live: and created SBC bill-signed record in a day.
Feb. 25th:
SBC products are divided into four series: namely: Kingkong series: Crystal series: Skylight series: Magic series.
Jan. 28th:
SBC people newspaper publishing is the first internal publications.




Dec. 26th:
SBC set up a joint venture software company with the United States: the Japanese company.
For the rectification movement to staffs with company culture.
Oct. 21st:
Developed through the "SBC culture development strategy".
Aug. 21st:
SBC strong into LED lighting and LED Illumination industry.
Mar. 12th:
SBC Middle East agency office was established.




Apr. 10th:
SBC declaration was born.
Mar. 20th:
SBC identified as" standing director unit" by shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprise development promotion agency.
Jan. 5th:
SBC product quality named as "the national quality inspection of qualified products "by the Chinese association.




By 2007:
SBC has achieved altogether 15 patent right.
Nov. 20th:
SBC established strategic partner relationship with Huagang photoelectric (group) Co.: Ltd..
SBC outdoor full color displays have passed through the shenzhen measurement quality inspection institute detection.
Aug. 8th:
SBC identified as" high technology and new technology enterprise by shenzhen science and technology and information bureau.
June 20th:
SBC brand identified as "national LED display product quality recognized top ten brand" by China quality guarantee center light.
June 8th:
SBC was accepted as the governing units by China optical optoelectronic industry association light emitting diode screen branch.
May 17th:
in the visual information processing: display and accurate transmission field: based on its inherent complexity: formerly of the user interface is very complex we relied on leading technology has successfully developed "user friendly interface" solution.
Apr. 28th:
SBC signed the strategic cooperative agreement with Wiew-tech: which Wiew-tech selected SBC as strategic partners in LED and wireless transmission field business innovation: at the same time: both sides will also hand in hand for developing Western Europe market.
Apr. 6th:
SBC silicon valley r&d center was established.
Mar. 16th:
the first set of wireless transmission system exported to Australia.




Dec. 13th:
SBC development succeed with independent research and development of wireless video remote transmission system.
Sept. :
SBC introduced a patent product--double screen rotation in the third photoelectric exhibition.
Aug. 5th:
SBC launched enterprise LOGO marking. The new logo reflects unity: innovative: forward to company culture and professional and excellent core values.




May 8th: SBC production area expanded to 3000 square meters.




Aug. 3rd: SBC officially established in shenzhen.
Aug. 3rd: the core value of "Use specialty wins trust,use excellence wins respect" was born.