In order to elevate our innovative ability in led screens and satisfy the customer's requirement , SBC as one of the  mostcreative ability led displays suppliers in China ,invests 10% of sales amount to do research annually. At present, SBC led display factory has a series of solutions in led technology and application of LED display single point control, ledremote video control software, Led display remote wireless videotransfer( in 20KM) and so on.

SBC led display Wireless video transfer system

It is the patented high technology product  in SBC  led  display factory, was successful developed in Sept 2006, trial run in the next 2 months, and applied in led screens business field in Dec 2006.

SBC Double sides rotatable LED display
It is SBC led factory patented high technology product (Patent No.:ZL 96 38960.8) 
SBC LED lights: saving energy makes LED products (especially point light and led video strip) irreplaceable.
SBC LED lighting: SBC LED is with saving energy, high brightness, long  life span; it will displace all of Led  Lightingproducts in public lighting and indoor light in the future.